Luiz Fernando de Oliveira - The Workplace Solutions Manager at Accenture

Luiz Fernando de Oliveira – The Workplace Solutions Manager at Accenture

Accenture is a global company, present in more than 120 countries, that specializes in management consulting, technology services and outsourcing. Net income of US$28.6 billion for the most recent fiscal year ended in August gives an idea of the company’s size. There are seven offices in Brazil, located in the country’s largest cities, and Rio de Janeiro was chosen for the company’s newest Innovation Center.

We were given the challenge of setting up a Technological Innovation Center. The project had important characteristics with regard to implementation time and the flexibility of the solution. What’s more, we had to implement all of this within a fully-operational office, and so we relied on JLL’s support and partnership in planning, working with other suppliers and developing alternatives for the problems that arose during the project”, said Luiz Fernando de Oliveira, the Workplace Solutions Manager at Accenture.

Developed by a leading team of architects, the center was created to promote and share Accenture’s best practices, experiences and innovations with a focus on the telecommunications, media and technology sectors. JLL was responsible for managing the project and the work. JLL’s Fabricio Pollilo, who was in charge of the operation, explained that the process of designing and carrying out the project took about a year. “We handled all the management of the project for implementation of high-tech equipment that could show off Accenture’s evolution to the company’s clients,” he said.

The alterations were carried out with the office in operation, and this required careful planning to avoid directly impacting staff routines. Nevertheless, we were able to achieve the target and avoid delays to the timetable,” Pollilo said that project implementation involved significant challenges.

Another obstacle was carrying out the work in the structure of the old Metropolitan Building, which required some changes to the schedule for installing equipment and furniture because of occupant access to the building during business hours, and because of the location on a street where vehicle circulation is controlled. “These restrictions often meant that work had to be suspended during the day and resumed after midnight,” the JLL executive said.

After months of work, the Accenture Innovation Center is now fully operational and fulfilling its goal of forging closer links between the company and its clients. The center also uses company expertise to develop new solutions in the area of energy, encouraging debate and collaboration between clients and partners with the aim of continually improving service to partners.