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In a global revitalization process for our brand, we strengthen the commitment to helping clients, shareholders, and employees to attain their ambitions and achievements.

As part of our brand’s evolutionary process, we defined JLL’s new promise: Achieve Ambitions in the sense of pursuing achievements. This definition came from conversations with our clients, when we note that they see us as an organization dedicated to helping them succeed in attaining their objectives.

Since the brand is the set of all the interactions we have and the impressions we create, its purpose is to reflect what makes us different, what we are best at, our value proposition.

The JLL brand goes beyond its visual identity—beyond its logo, slogan, fonts, and color palette.”

In defining the promise to Achieve Ambitions, we remain faithful to our fundamental values which reflect our way of being and working: ethicsexcellence and team spirit. They are key points for helping all our stakeholders to attain their own ambitions and achievements. We want to establish lasting relationship with our clients, we are capable of understanding their objectives, and we can always deliver the best solutions.

The evolution of the JLL brand shows what makes us different and unique: we incorporate the human side of business. We are collaborative, curious, and confident. We are a company made by people and for people. They make all the difference to the success of what we deliver.”

All of this creates a measurable value. The JLL brand today is worth US$ 1.6 billion, and the global revitalization process is aimed at making it even stronger and more valuable.

How would you like to get to know JLL more closely? Here’s my invitation.

Larissa Aranha is director of Communications and Marketing at JLL.