Colin Dyer, CEO of JLL, sees Brazil as strategic to the company’s global growth in the years ahead

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Brazil is a major trader of commodities.

During a recent visit to Brazil, JLL CEO Colin Dyer spoke about the company’s plans for the coming years and stressed the importance of existing clients when it comes to achieving new results. Dyer announced that the company’s goal through the end of this decade is to double the worldwide turnover, and emphasized the importance of Brazil within corporate projections.

“A significant part of this global projection relates to our growth objectives for Brazil. In addition to expanding the size of the business, we plan on raising our profile and expanding the number of services that we offer to clients,” Dyer said. He made it clear that the company sees Brazil as a key element in its global development, going forward.

Another point mentioned by the CEO was the strength of the Brazilian economy.

Brazil is a major player in commodities. The country has a vast primary sector, comprising minerals and petroleum including the sub-salt discoveries. And we cannot forget the industrial potential: Brazil today produces aircraft, for example those now sold by Embraer, and cars that supply the domestic and South American markets. The fundamentals of Brazilian industry thus look very favorable,” he said.

Dyer’s analysis also included the solid and growing presence of the middle class in the country, responsible for ramping up consumption in recent years: “There are 200 million people who are every year more prosperous and driving the market. This has certainly contributed to the increasing robustness of the domestic economy.”

JLL plans taking advantage of this new situation to expand its presence in the country, Dyer explained. The supply of new services and operations in new markets will be the first steps towards adding new clients. “Today we are very well represented in the financial and industrial sectors, providing services to domestic and global companies. One thing contributing to our target forecast is that we have detected increased interest in the Brazilian real estate sector on the part of international investors,” Dyer said.

This interest is also encouraged by the stability of the Brazilian economy, the CEO observed.

It’s the result of an effort that has been ongoing for more than 10 years – Brazil has increased transparency with respect to its economy. This means that investors are assured of a return, they have appropriate and increasingly less bureaucratic laws,” he said, emphasizing that all these factors make the country strategic for JLL’s business.