Condomínio City Tower in Rio de Janeiro, managed by JLL, is pursuing LEED certification from the United States Green Building Council. The USGBC evaluates and recognizes sustainable solutions and technologies adopted in the course of operating and maintaining an existing development to reduce the environmental impacts over the useful life of the building.

To meet one of the certification requirements, the JLL team worked in partnership with Brazil’s Center for Building Technology to carry out a survey of the building’s occupants. Conducted between December 5th and 11th, the goal was to identify what means of transport the occupants used to come to work, and to encourage the use of collective transportation such as buses, the metro (subway) and ride sharing in private cars.

This survey showed us that 76% of City Tower occupants use public transportation, and this is an important indicator because it means we are meeting one requirement for sustainability,” said Christiane Durante, infrastructure manager at  JLL .

To carry out the survey the occupants were provided with electronic totems where they could answer questions. Those taking part were identified by means of the access control system, which reads ID tags.

São Carlos Empreendimentos e Participações S.A., the owner of the Edifício City Tower, invested R$1 million in 2012 in sustainability activities that meet LEED certification requirements. These included installing a green roof that collects rain water, substituting all lavatory pans in the building with more economical models, substituting part of the lighting with LEDs and installing water and power meters, amongst other things.

The following table shows the results of one item from the survey, conducted on a Thursday among occupants of the Condomínio City Tower:

What means of transport did you use to come to work on Thursday?