A little over a year after moving its headquarters into Edifício JK1600, a development built on sustainable concepts, French insurance company AXA Seguros has expanded its footprint by 50%.

In 2013, we represent this client in the leasing of 850 square meters. This year, we negotiated the lease of an additional 425 square meters. The company now has one and a half floors in Edifício JK1600,” notes Monica Lee, Director of JLL’s Global Clients area.

For Lee, the fact that AXA Seguros asked JLL to represent it in negotiations for the new space is clear proof of satisfaction with the services provided in 2013.

The first time, JLL in Brazil was indicated by AXA’s head office – the company is already a JLL client in other countries. In this second negotiation, they hired us to represent them again. We managed to negotiate a lower rent compared to that agreed in 2013, taking advantage of a moment that is more favorable for tenants,” said Rafael Calvo of JLL’s Global Clients area.

JLL’s Transactions area represents Edifício JK1600 for leasing. The building is described as an eco-technological development, meaning that sustainability and technology were built in right from the design stage. This results in a comfortable building that offers economical maintenance.

Features that differentiate Edifício JK1600 include: efficient use of sunlight; high performance lighting; a diesel power generator; individual air-conditioning systems for the suites; water-saving sanitary installations with self-closing taps; an advanced security system; a system for fire detection and fighting; a bicycle park; and smart elevators.

Photo: Victor Dragonetti