Distribution Center Cabreúva: high-efficiency logistics in an optimal location

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JLL is responsible for condominium management at one of Brazil’s most modern distribution centers.

Clarion Partners, a global company that specializes in managing real estate investments, has entrusted JLL with managing the condominium at Distribution Center Cabreúva, its first development in Brazil. With more than 32 years of experience, Clarion Partners manages more than 10 million square meters worldwide in the logistics and industrial sectors, including the United States, Mexico and Europe.

Distribution Center Cabreúva, a high-end logistics condominium divided into three blocks, is exceptionally well located beside the Rodovia Dom Gabriel Paulino Bueno Couto highway. It enjoys access in both directions – towards the state capital and to upstate regions – via the Anhanguera, Bandeirantes and Castelo Branco highways.

Block 100, the first phase of the project, was delivered with the warehouse 100% pre-leased to major multinationals. The second phase was delivered recently, comprising Block 200 and Block 300 and adding roughly 80,000 square meters of space. Land area is 380,000 square meters, with 135,000 square meters already constructed. An area of 65,000 square meters has been levelled and there is a project for built-to-suit developments.

According to the vice president of Clarion Partners, Marcela Drigo, the company’s policy is to hire professional condo management for their ventures.

JLL has done an excellent job both in the management and maintenance of the asset and in the daily relationship with the (logistic) operators. JLL’s proactive and preventive management has also contributed to keeping the condominium in perfect condition, thus reducing costs We believe that thanks to the size and positioning of JLL we are able to bring high quality suppliers at reasonable prices, which contributes to the continuous improvement in the operation of warehouses and support areas, “said Drigo.

Luan Mizuno, JLL’s infrastructure manager who is responsible for Distribution Center Cabreúva, said: “We are the link between the owner and the tenants, and we handle all services relevant to management of the condominium such as security, maintenance, cleaning, gardening, pest control and waste collection. In the case of Distribution Center Cabreúva, we also manage post-construction matters with the builder.”

Tendency in the logistics market

Logistics condominiums for large companies are a tendency in the Brazilian market today. The city of São Paulo and its immediate surrounding area account for 68% of all such developments in Brazil, and this creates a series of services and benefits for tenants. Mizuno points in particular to cost sharing for essential support services, including security, entrance/exit control, maintenance and cleaning. Tenants also enjoy more modern space with complete infrastructure and can dedicate themselves 100% to their core business.

Drigo said that among the main services at the condominium, she would highlight,

JLL’s on-the-spot management, the bullet-proof gatehouse, the 24-hour armed site security, the support for drivers with a kitchen and changing room, the large maneuvering patio, and the parking for trucks and other vehicles.”

According to Drigo, in the specific case of Distribution Center Cabreúva there are fiscal and tax incentives offered by the municipal authorities. The ISS tax on services is 2% (Law No. 305 of February 7, 2008) and there is exemption from the IPTU urban real estate tax, plus other incentives.

Efficiency and flexibility

Distribution Center Cabreúva is a logistics park with a difference. It offers a high degree of efficiency for logistics operations together with flexible occupation – modules start at 11,000 m². Check out some of the development’s other specifications:
Infrastructure: mezzanine floors for offices ranging from 458 m² to 897 m²; support areas; meeting rooms available for common use; masculine and feminine changing rooms in all modules; first aid post; laser-levelled floor with six tonnes per square meter capacity; raised loading docks with automatic levelling; access ramps to the modules; concrete pillars.
Parking: 197 external vehicle spaces; 116 internal spaces divided between warehouses and common condominium areas; large maneuvering patio with external bays for 91 heavy vehicles, also 22 internal bays for heavy vehicles; bicycle stands.
Sustainability: solar power in the restaurant; natural illumination and ventilation in the warehouses; efficient, economical lightbulbs; recycling station; thermal insulation on the roofing; WCs with water saving system.
Water: The development has its own artesian well.
Catering facilities: industrial kitchen, restaurant and snack bar.
For more information, please access: www.distributioncenter.com