JLL Project and Development team managed the fit out of [insurance company] ACE Seguros new offices at Eldorado Business Tower, located next to the Shopping Eldorado mall. The success of this project is due to the careful observance of the whole Project cycle, mainly by moving through its five phases (commencement, planning, execution, monitoring and control, and completion).

For setting up the new offices in the 6,000 sqm space, we’ve conducted an extensive process planning study – from the bidding process and selection of the architectural firm and the building contractor to the purchase of workstations and decoration furniture. JLL’s expertise and monitoring were no doubt key [to the success of the project],” says project leader Patrícia Buzzetto.

The insurance company decided to move their headquarters from [São Paulo financial district] Avenida Paulista to the Eldorado Business Tower, a LEED Platinum-certified building, because of the company’s growth after having acquired the property-liability risk portfolio from [insurance company] Itaú Seguros.

Very happy with the performance of JLL Project and Development team, ACE Seguros hired JLL to manage the set up and fit out of three additional regional offices – in Campinas (SP), Belo Horizonte (MG) and Goiânia (GO) –, which have been completed recently. JLL team included experienced Project and Development professionals to coordinate the move-in both in São Paulo and the regional offices, as the move-in process is also part of JLL’s Project and Development services.

In all projects, we faced similar challenges regarding critical deadlines and budgets, and we accomplished the successful delivery of the three offices. Above all, we’ve met client expectations,” says Patrícia.

In their offices in São Paulo, the white furniture contrasts with the walls colored in the tones of the company’s trademark, which was intensified in the main reception area on the CEO’s floor with a big, brightly lit logo sign representing the ACE brand.  There is a large and modern coffee area on each floor.  The conference rooms have state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, which is called Click Share.  “This system allows for the wireless connection of notebooks to TV screens, thereby optimizing expenditures with this type of fixture.  We followed in the regional offices the same functional and visual standard as the HQ office,” says Patrícia.

For the ACE SP project, Luciana Toller, Patricia Buzzetto and Maria Correia have shown to be very professional and engaged, and to hold the necessary technical knowledge to overcome the obstacles, always with ACE’s best interests at heart. They established a very good rapport with GCRE and the local ACE team, and managed to deliver the project within agreed upon scope and budget, and at a very short notice.  They are part of one of the best JLL Project and Development teams globally,” says Tom Yuen, Global Real Estate Director for ACE Seguros.

According to Patrícia, JLL team has already approached ACE Seguros about their interest in project managing the expansion of the company’s headquarters following one more major acquisition. In July 2015, ACE Seguros announced the global acquisition of insurance company Chubb.

Photos: Alexandre Oliveira/ Jafo Fotografia