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One of the differentials of JLL is the extensive database, with complete information about the corporate office market of the cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and of the entire country in the industrial segment.


Some owners, at specific times, may prefer to negotiate the lease of their properties directly. Our experience, however, shows that at all times, especially during an economic downturn like the one we are now going through, this is not exactly the best strategy for owners who are trying to find a tenant in the corporate office, industrial and retail property markets.

In addition to the current economic conditions, the corporate office floor plate, industrial warehouse and retail markets are undergoing a period of oversupply, with a large volume of new construction already delivered or in the pipeline and the consequent increase in vacancy.

You can’t just place a “for lease” sign, post some ads in the social media and then just rely on luck, waiting for a prospective tenant. At all times, and particularly in face of the current [economic and market] conditions, the Agency Leasing services, i.e., the owner representation in the search for tenants, gain even more importance and can make all the difference in terms of results.

We at JLL have a highly skilled team and market intelligence tools that allow us to be more assertive. The first step is the strategic planning, when we make an in-depth analysis of the property characteristics in order to profile the prospective occupier.

Based on this analysis we then conduct a search in our database to see where these [prospective occupier] companies currently are, what type of properties they are occupying, how much rent they are paying – in short, all information that can possibly help us approach these prospective tenants. We thus perform a focused, proactive and intelligent work that will certainly lead to the best results.

One of our key differentiators is our large database containing full information about the Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro corporate office markets and about the industrial market countrywide.
To complement our efforts, we still develop an advertising strategy tailored to the property profile. This strategy includes social media, the JLL Property site, Market Center, Skyline, and a range of other advertising and prospecting actions which include a strong partnership with the market.

Another important advantage for the owner: JLL’s fees will be based on success, according to the terms agreed by the parties – that is, we’ll carry out all this work at no cost to the owner. We use our competence, knowledge, structure and resources with the ultimate goal of finding a tenant in the fastest possible time frame and at the best terms. Because for us a good deal is a win-win for everyone in the least time possible.

Paulo Casoni is director of Client Solutions/Transactions at JLL.