October 13, 2015

Doing business in Brazil since 1837, ThyssenKrupp has moved its regional headquarters from the 6th to the 10th floor of Ronaldo Sampaio Ferreira building, located in Brooklin, in the south area of Sao Paulo city. The project was conducted by JLL’s Project Management and Development team, which was responsible for the project management and development from design to execution, taking care of every detail.

Established in 2012, ThyssenKrupp’s regional headquarters [in Brazil] account for operations in the whole South America region. The HQ team’s mission is to foster integration and collaboration among the company’s units, and mainly to expand the company’s business in the region.

The relocation was necessary to support the growth plan of the company that now occupies the whole 10th floor, which is double the space previously available.

A global goal of the company is to expand its high potential business and raise its presence in growth regions and areas. For ThyssenKrupp, Brazil is a priority market for expansion and investment, alongside four main regions – Asia Pacific, China, U.S. and India,” says Giovanni Pozzoli, CFO South America at ThyssenKrupp.

A focus on quality, term, cost and safety.

As the project leader, JLL’s focus is on getting the best results as regards quality, time, cost and safety.

A challenging budget does not mean we will deliver results that don’t meet client expectations. In the bidding process for selection of the building contractor, for example, the bids came in above the proposed budget,” recalls JLL’s Project Management and Development team member Cristianne Soler.

With their expertise, JLL team led the Value Engineering process to identify possible changes to the project that could reduce costs without compromising quality. “We succeeded in doing that, and, at the end of the process, the project resulted below the proposed budget,” she says.

Another challenge that was thoroughly addressed was to meet ThyssenKrupp’s documentation requirements. JLL team also conducted the preparation of the 6th floor for return to the owner.

ThyssenKrupp, excellence in technology.

ThyssenKrupp’s operations in Brazil are among the largest outside Germany. The company has more than 12,000 employees across the country and generated sales of R$ 9 billion in fiscal year 2013/2014.

Worldwide, the Group has an [annual] turnover of € 41 billion and employs over 155,000 people in 80 countries. With a focus on technology, the company is a benchmark in the development of solutions and materials for the steel, automotive, energy, infrastructure, mining, cement, construction, chemical, petrochemical and defense industries.

In 2015, ThyssenKrupp ranked among the 50 Smartest Companies by MIT Technology Review. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology recognized the innovations created by the company and the meaningful solutions it provides to face the challenges of global urbanization.


JLL’s team member Cristianne Soler, in the black blouse, with ThyssenKrupp team: Glaucy Spitti (HR Coordinator), Giovanni Pozzoli (Head of Finance South America), in suit, and Rodrigo Daddato, IT leader.

Photo by José Alexandre de Farias Oliveira