JLL at the World Economic Forum in Davos

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JLL participates in WEF.

JLL took part in the World Economic Forum 2013 in Davos, Switzerland from January 23rd to 26th. The event brought together more than 1,500 business leaders, together with heads of state and other participants from around 100 countries representing business, government and civil society. jll-no-forum-economico-mundial-em-davosAmong the various important matters discussed at Davos were the Euro Zone crisis and the economic recovery of the United States and European countries; global unemployment; economic changes driven mainly by the dynamic of emerging markets and developing countries; the resumption of the Doha Round of negotiations that seek to liberalize world trade; environmental questions; poverty among women around the world; the war in Syria; and other topics.

JLL created a blog to provide daily information updates about the Forum, with reflections from JLL President and CEO Colin Dyer on matters being discussed at the event, plus opinions from other executives of the company. Visit the blog at to find out more.