E-commerce companies have their sights set on warehouses

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High-standard offices, over 10,000 m², are becoming scarce in São Paulo.

Even with the economy growing slowly and industry going through a downturn, demand remains high for warehouses and logistics condominiums. It’s being driven by companies in the e-commerce sector.

There’s a discernible trend of logistics centers being absorbed by clients such as these,” said Pedro Candreva, a commercial director at JLL. “We’re talking about operations in the range of 20, 40, or 50,000 square meters.”

Sheds in greatest demand in São Paulo are in well-located regions that offer good access to highways – for example Guarulhos, Cajamar, Itapevi and Jundiaí.

Time to change

Major companies are moving to more modern headquarters, taking advantage of the favorable moment that combines delivery of new high-quality stock with more favorably priced rents.

This phenomenon is occurring to a greater intensity in São Paulo, and has already generated some side effects. It is, after all, becoming increasingly difficult to find new high-end buildings that have large spaces available for rent.

Many large companies have seized the current window of opportunity to move and group their operations together in a single building, and this means that finding areas greater than 10,000 square meters is not so easy anymore,” Candreva explained.

Recently, for example, JLL helped three clients that were looking for space with these characteristics.

Candreva cautioned that, while there are still some properties available with this profile, if absorption remains at its current level then they are set to become scarcer as of next year. “Landlords have been very flexible about negotiating values, but with the increasing demand from tenants, the room for negotiation will tend to decrease.