JLL and other large companies sign pact for the inclusion and accessibility of people with disabilities

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Nesta reunião, os participantes puderam fazer contatos e parcerias para projetos de inclusão de pessoas com deficiência.

On October 20, Fábio Maceira, CEO of JLL in Brazil, Washington Botelho, Corporate Solutions director for Latin America, Gustavo Biagioli, Legal and Compliance director, and Thays Toyofuku, responsible for the Diversity and Inclusion program at Diversidade e Inclusão da JLL in Brazil, participated in the 24th Meeting of the Corporate Social Inclusion Network, at the TozziniFreire headquarters in São Paulo.


The event brought together CEOs, directors, and executives from multinationals and large Brazilian organizations that make up the Director’s Group of the Network and also participants of the Corporate Inclusion Network, an entity endorsed and recognized by the International Labor Organization (ILO).

In addition to JLL, the meeting had the participation of the TozziniFreire companies, the Pão de Açúcar Group, IBM, the ILO, Serasa Experian, Citibank, Accenture, EY, and Natura, among others.

At this meeting, the participants were able to make contacts and partnerships for inclusion projects for people with disabilities. At the end of the meeting, Fábio Maceira and other CEOs signed the Pact for Inclusion which, among other points, provides for the promotion of cultures and environments inclusive of and accessible to people with disabilities, the diagnostics and monitoring of the organizations’ progress with respect to inclusion of people with disabilities, and the interest in fulfilling the commitments, even if all the proposed actions are not yet being attended to.

The Corporate Social Inclusion Network established the Pact for Inclusion of People with Disabilities and defined its commitments to Promotion of the Rights of People with Disabilities, including:
• To commit the high leadership to respect and promotion of the rights of people with disabilities.
• To develop policies and procedures with a view to affirmative action in all areas of the organization.
• To promote a culture and inclusive and accessible environment to all people with disabilities.
• To communicate and educate for respect for the rights and duties of people with disabilities.
• To include the issue of disability in the company’s strategy, as well as in the planning of products, services and customer service.