Infor, a standout American leader in the global IT market supplying industry-specific suites and applications, currently has 73,000 clients in 194 countries. The company’s expertise in the technology market has led to a growing presence in Brazil, and in 2014 this prompted the company to invest in relocating its corporate facilities.

Already a client of JLL in the United States, Infor decided to develop a partnership in Brazil, implemented via JLL’s Global Clients area. Initially this would include a relocation project in the Av. Luís Carlos Berrini region of São Paulo where the company was already located.

“Infor was housed in an old building, with installation problems. Our aim was to find a newer and more modern place, one in keeping with the company’s image,” explained Rafael Calvo, a Transactions coordinator at JLL.

Calvo said Infor was shown five properties and opted for Torre Z, located on Av. Chucri Zaidan: “It’s a development that met all their requirements, with the additional advantage of being located in front of the old address.” With the decision taken for the 2,000-square-meter space, JLL set about managing the move.

Patrícia Buzzeto, a Project Management and Development coordinator at JLL, handled this phase of the work. It involved a complete transformation for Infor, compared to the old office, she explained.

They exchanged the old cubicles arrangement for an open space layout. The environment gained more life and color, not to mention a kitchenette, a space for coffee and another for training,” she said, adding that the support of the client’s architectural team in the United States was important to the success of the project. “These exchanges of ideas are always very beneficial, both for JLL’s work and for the client that we are serving,” Buzzeto said.

This open space strategy is great to strengthen team integration, it started in Infor´s headquarters in New York, and currently other global offices are adopting this modern layout. The new look and image properly reflect and match Infor´s growth strategy for the region and our focus on innovation”, states Fernando Corbi, sales leader, Infor in Latin America.