JLL takes Seguradora Líder to six floors of City Tower

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City Tower is a very well located enterprise with LEED Gold certificate

In 2015, through a process managed by our team of Transações, Seguradora Líder leased 4 floors of Edifício City Tower, located on Rua da Assembleia in the commercial center of Rio de Janeiro. Next July, Seguradora shall begin to move in aiming at concentrating all of its activities on 10 floors of the Edifício City Tower.

Edifício City Tower

Edifício City Tower

The consolidation of its offices – whose teams were distributed in three addresses – was an old objective of the company, which is now being achieved with the assistance of our Transactions team.

Based on studies, “We have shown to Seguradora Líder that it would be the ideal time to take this decision, once it shall result into savings in leasing costs and the consolidation of the operations in a high-quality building”, says Evie Kempf, JLL Transactions Manager.

The City Tower is managed by our Property management area, and it is a very well located enterprise with LEED Gold certificate, which indicates the efficiency in the management of the condominium and the consumption of water and energy.

Another important aspect of such negotiation is that the 6 floors in matter had just been vacated by the previous occupant. According to Evie, “Thanks to the good relationship we have with Seguradora and 2017-05-2with the owner of the City Tower, even before these floors were available in the market, we have been able to process the lease in a very quick manner, which benefits all parties. It is important to remember that the offer of corporate properties remains high demand in Rio.

Regarding the last negotiation between JLL and Seguradora Líder, initiated in December 2016, we can mention the partnership between these two companies, which began to be built in 2015, the year in which Seguradora Líder rented 4 floors in the City Tower building. The proposal of the Seguradora Líder was reached in terms of costs, lease grace period and the inclusion of parking spaces in the contract. We must thank the JLL team for their incessant search for the owners in order to meet the proposal of Seguradora Líder”, adds Ricardo Fontes, Administrative Manager of Seguradora Líder.