JLL innovates by bringing Design & Build concept to project development

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In the midst of a competitive scenario, agility and process quality gain even more importance in the market.

In today’s competitive market environment, the agility and quality of processes have become even more important. Nowhere is this more true that in the real estate sector. Time is often at a premium when it comes to implementing long-term projects, and this has obliged companies in the sector to seek alternatives that better serve the needs of their clients. One such alternative is the concept of Design & Build.

In Design & Build, the client describes exactly what he wants, including specifications of operational requirements, the details and features he expects in the project, and the deadline for its completion. “The next step is to put together a team of designers who will work together with the construction team, to optimize the design phase and ensure that the job is carried out within the initial cost estimates. This method means there is less likelihood of conflict,” said Rogerio Rodrigues, director of the project management and development area at JLL.

The model is quite common in the United States, and is also not a complete novelty in Brazil. However, market dynamics have led to innovative solutions. In a recent contract with ABN Amro, for example, JLL found it was facing a different challenge: to complete the financial institution’s move to new headquarters in a new building, fully equipped and with more space, but all within 120 days. “After acquiring a bank in Rio de Janeiro, ABN had to resolve its space requirements without delay. The original headquarters held 20 people, while the new location was due to accommodate 150,” the JLL executive explained.

ABN Office | Photo: Rogério Gomes

ABN Office | Photo: Rogério Gomes

In order to substitute a small space in the Paulista region for an entire floor in the triple-A Infinity building in Itaim (SP) within the challenging deadline, the ideal solution identified by JLL was management via Design & Build. “During the initial planning phase, we put together a process for hiring a supplier who would take responsibility for developing the technical designs and carrying out the work,” Rodrigues said.

According Cristianne Soler, responsible for the project within JLL, the Design & Build model helped the team remain focused on their key management objectives, namely budget, deadline and scope. “We were hired to manage the entire project and to ensure that it was delivered on time while meeting all our client’s demands,” Soler explained, noting that one such demand was making all the space compliant with LEED certification concepts and requirements.

With the request received in December, the agreement implied carrying out all the phases of planning and design during a period that tends to be complicated for purchasing products and equipment, because it includes Christmas, New Year and Carnival.

We had to detail each step very carefully, because the budget called for the direct purchase of items such as functional and decorative furnishings, among other things, in order to obtain the best prices. The time-frame highlighted the need to engage all stakeholders, who had to be fully committed to the schedule, while at the same time controlling all stages of delivery,” Soler said, while stressing that the bank’s technology – developed by ABN in the Netherlands without any point of local contact in Brazil – also demanded that JLL exercise greater supervision over technical designers and installation personnel.

Once the project was completed within the specified period, the JLL team and the client both expressed their satisfaction with the experience, so much so that the area of  project management and development has added a new service: Design & Build management.

This concept brings greater agility to the implementation schedule and as a consequence offers probable savings during the first year of the contract in terms of occupancy expenses such as rent, property tax and condominium fees. For everything to happen as planned, the watchword is commitment on the part of both the client and the service supplier,” Rodrigues explained following the ABN job, a further five Design & Build contracts are now under way, and the goal is to expand this service further.