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We go far beyond simply being the keepers of the timeline, deadline and budget.

We we take on a project, we also take on the commitment to turn the ambitions that are part of it into reality. We work not only to deploy it within that company’s strategy, but especially to ensure that its strategy is implemented in a fully personalized way, respecting the people involved in the lifetime of that project.

In this way, we go far beyond simply being the keepers of the timeline, deadline and budget.

When to hire us

From the time the client thinks of deploying, moving, reconfiguring, expanding, or consolidating an office or logistics warehouse, for example, they can benefit from our experience. In this initial phase, with the feasibility study, we help the client understand and define what they really need, we help flesh out the project, mapping out the main risks and needs in macro form, giving support so that the client makes a more assertive decision regarding the planning for the project and regarding what it should commit in terms of costs and deadlines.


As specialists in projects and works, we give strategic support in the choice of the ideal property, verifying—from the technical point of view—whether the size is adequate, whether the cost and timeline provided really reflect a market reality, doing a critical analysis of the processes of licenses and approvals, and environmental aspects, among other issues that are crucial for well-informed decision-making.

We represent the client

Once the property has been defined, our team goes into action to further detail the timeline, the budget, the program of the client’s needs, and the adequate hiring of designers, suppliers, furnishings, construction, etc. We always recommend the best contracting strategy for each project and we act in line with matters of Ethics and Compliance. We have the objective of bringing in the best market players, with the best cost-benefit ration, with a fully transparent and ethical process.


The client will rely on our specialized, critical eye, closely following all the steps and the development of the project, presented and discussed weekly, in a clear and organized way. We always seek solutions to any difficulties, with the objective of mitigating impacts. A key differentiating factor is our digital platform, which stores the history of the project, approvals, changes, periodic reports, etc., in a system that can be accessed 24 hours a day over the internet by people authorized by the client, and in a 100% auditable way.

With the client until the end

Our perspective makes all the difference, and it becomes palpable at the time of delivery of the work, when we verify that it has been completed with excellent quality in all the environments. We focus on quality starting with the selection of suppliers, observing the work from beginning to end, and before delivery, we verify the completion of the list of pending items. With the work completed and delivered with quality, and with the signing of the Final Delivery Term, the client receives a complete data book containing the history of the project, starting with its initial phase.

Level of satisfaction

The client, in the end, is invited to answer a satisfaction survey, with questions that will measure our performance. in an objective, transparent manner. This assessment is very important to us, because it allows us to implement continuous improvements in our processes, since we pursue excellence in the services we provide. We do not want to do only what we were contracted for—our intention is to surprise and exceed our clients’ expectations, thus building a solid, lasting relationship with all of them.

Luciana Arouca is Client Relationship Manager for the Projects and Construction department at JLL.