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Companies are increasingly including diversity in their strategic discussions.

Just look around – at home, in the streets, at work. In skin or hair color, the way we dress, opinions, beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity and in many other ways, we are all different. And that’s a good thing!

Why? Because coexistence between various people broadens our horizons, enhances the exchange of ideas, and provides different views on the same issues. While always, of course, respecting differences. And it’s this keyword – respect – that makes diversity a strategic issue in everyday life and in society.”

There are a large number of companies in Brazil and across the world that are treating diversity as a major differential in their teams, adopting inclusive practices and offering equal opportunities for all. It’s a way of reproducing the diverse environment that can be seen on the streets and in life in their teams, fostering creativity, innovation and growth of business.

Welcoming differences causes people to feel comfortable in the work environment, delivering results without worrying about hiding characteristics or guidelines that could possibly cause restrictions. In this way, they become more productive and focused on delivering a quality work for the success of the company.

As a member of the affinity group for LGBT+ professionals  (lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transvestites, transsexuals and transgender people), it is important to mention that acceptance and respect for the community are growing issues in this debate in the Brazilian corporate world. National and international forums, with representatives of various corporations, have discussed the importance of inclusive policies that promote respect and equality in the workplace and the strategic and social benefits for companies.

We are already seeing less discrimination in this inclusion, and the reduction of restrictions for the professional development of individuals who come out as lesbian, gay and bisexual in big cities in Brazil. However, we know that there are still great challenges to overcome so that transvestite, transsexual and transgender professionals can also show their potential and be sure of having the same career opportunities. Despite the difficulties, in Brazil we can already see major cases of success with companies seeing value in the inclusive culture and promoting an environment with equal opportunities.”

Much has advanced in this agenda – with equal benefits policies for same sex couples and the communication work to promote respect for diversity, for example, but we know there is still a good way to go. It is in the daily exercise of respect and inclusion that diversity can increasingly be consolidated as a factor for success in business and a step forward in the evolution of society.

Camillo Louvise is a specialist in JLL’s Marketing and Communication department and the focal point of LGBT issues for JLL in Brazil.