The protests that occurred in Brazil since 2013 did more than simply shed light on popular demands for improvements in areas such as health and education. Acts of vandalism resulting from some clashes between police and demonstrators led companies located in the affected areas to start rethinking their existing security systems in order to protect their property and give users greater peace of mind. Seeking solutions to minimize possible future depredation, the Rio Office Tower Building (ROT) turned to the services of JLL Property Management after its façade was damaged on 20 June of 2013 during a demonstration in which a million people took to the streets of Rio de Janeiro. Initially peaceful, the episode ended in violence. Rafael Teles, named ROT manager of infrastructure by JLL, explained that everything that happened at that moment was monitored remotely, making it possible to identify areas for improvement that would reduce risks.

Thanks to remote monitoring technology and the videos recorded on the 220 cameras installed in that location, we were able to assess what we could do to manage the property better in crisis situations. This system is part of the security systems at most buildings, but the differential at ROT is that we knew how to use it strategically”, Teles said.

Using the information so gathered, it was possible to identify what would be the quickest and most effective action to take. “The entire security plan of the building was revised,” said Jorge Azevedo, regional manager for JLL Property Management. “We called on all outsource services suppliers and the insurance company to review all matters, including those relating to maintenance. We found that the best solution to mitigate future risks would be reinforcing the façade.” All options for improving façade security at the ROT were considered, under the guidance of designers and the architect, together with the owner and the building syndic. The solution selected was to install automated metal sliding doors more than six meters high and totaling 75 meters in width. These cover the entire structure of the façade under the marquee without spoiling the appearance. The owners agreed to the idea, worried about the security of their asset and the integrity of building users.

We found an efficient and operationally simple solution. It’s hardly noticeable within the overall appearance of the building, and it respects all city hall requirements with respect to the area of land”, Azevedo said.

Today we can say that ROT counts on an additional security, taking care even more for the well-being of the current users, mostly technology companies, and for the others who will still occupy the building, “adds Rafael Teles when mentioning that remote security Was in fact strategic for the improvement of the management services provided in the building.


Photo: Rio Office Tower Building, located at Av. Presidente Vargas 1001 in downtown Rio. Photo: Alexandre Brum