Unisys’ presence in Brazil can be judged by the numbers: 19 offices spread throughout various states, plus the head office in São Paulo. The global IT company recently took another step in its development and expansion process in the country, and did so with the full support of JLL. The goal was to move the office in Belo Horizonte, capital of Minas Gerais state and Brazil’s third-largest city, into a larger space. The challenge came in the timetable: the new site had to be fully operational in the record time of approximately 45 days.

Escritório Unisys | Foto: JLL

                        Escritório Unisys | Foto: JLL

Luiz Correia, a projects coordinator at JLL, doesn’t deny that the time available for location selection, leasing and fitout work was extremely short, but said that it was nevertheless doable.

We already had our eye on three properties, and Unisys opted for a space of 1,900 m²
spread over three floors in the Nova Lima neighborhood. With the choice made, we started the fitout period, which had to be completely finished in 45 days from design to delivery,” he said.

The solution in this case was Design & Build, where both the design stage and the construction stage run simultaneously.

Like any project, Unisys’ design had its characteristics and complexities. So that we could contemplate the requests of all the areas was the presence and the decision-making power of the Unisys areas involved “, emphasizes Correia, mentioning the trust and the teamwork as main differentials of the project. “We have established a totally transparent communication,” he adds.

Another factor adding agility to the process was the choice of a modular project, using materials that made for easier installation and allowed for layout flexibility. “We were able to meet the target thanks to working together, exchanging information, understanding client requirements and enjoying the client’s trust, so that the location became operational on the scheduled date with 250 fully-functional work stations,” Correia said.